Friday, May 6, 2011

JTL Vs Dragon Ash

Once Upon a time there was some controversy over JTL (Former H.O.T. members Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony, Lee Jae Won) and their song Better Day. People thought it sounded too much like Dragon Ash's Grateful day. Which I don't really understand. The tempos are totally different and perhaps some of the lyric content is similar. JTL's Better day is a darker tone while Dragon Ash is upbeat. Maybe this whole discussion is made up in my heard from too much arguing with my friend Teru in College about everything unimportant.

Either way they are both great oldies in my opinion.

JTL Better Day

Dragon Ash Grateful Day

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mighty Mouth vs. M-Flo

I know it's been a while since I updated this but life happens and I can't do everything fun that I would like. Whilst getting ready for a little road trip to Chicago I finally had an excuse to catch up on my K-pop weekly music charts. I was disappointed that in about 2 months there were maybe only 6 songs I could actually enjoy enough to add to my collection and from those only 2 would make the final cut to stay on the ipod with other classics such as Turbo, NOISE, DJ DOC, Roo'Ra and Seotaiji.

Anyways one of those particular songs that popped out at me was Mighty Mouth's Tok Tok

It made me remember that there were a few other Mighty Mouth Songs that I had saved on you tube but hadn't downloaded for my own listening pleasure.

Love Class

I Love you


Listening to them reminded me of M-flo. Is Mighty Mouth a Korean version of M-Flo? They have that same cheery upbeat flow that M-flo's early albums did. Also Mighty Mouth's use of guest female vocals made me think of that as well. M-flo has been doing the same thing since their female vocal, Lisa left the group in 2002.

Let Go

Love Don't Cry

Love Bug

Bump Bump

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


According to Wiki He premiered as a solo Artist in 2006 but was originally part of People Crew.

I'm looking into him because of this heartfelt Hip-hop ballad

Other songs I know of his are


And are some videos form his time in People Crew (The last one is one of my favorite all time songs)

Friday, January 21, 2011


I know that I should be doing a post like everyone else about the top 201 songs we ended with in K-pop but frankly since this is more of a history and reflection I don't care.

Instead I want to reflect on this Band whom I was introduced to late in College by my room mate Injung called Jaurim. Since I don't have any of their formal albums it's easy for me to forget about them. They were also around for a while but for some reason I had just missed them until later.

They started out in 1997 but didn't make it to popularity till they came out with the song "Hey hey hey", which I remember and I have on a mix CD but they have so many better videos like the ones below.

And here is "Hey Hey Hey"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rocking R&B

I just heard this song today and could not stop bopping my head. It was catchy, classic, great singing voices. Something that will definitely make to my Ipod to stay.

I feel like winter is also a high time for Ballads and R&B, because it's laid back and relaxed and meant to be enjoyed peacefully since it's cold outside. Summer then tends to be all these new Pop groups jumping, moving and shaking to get you out on the beach and dance floor. I feel like I first came to that realization with Turbo when they came out with "December".

Gummy & Bobby Kim "Love Recipe"

Turbo "December"

and the Music Video also because The lead Kim Jong Kook's Voice really sucks live

Thursday, January 13, 2011

R&B in the Robot Style

So take a look at this Video First by the groupd Brown Eyed Soul.

Ok watching the video is a little silly with their slow robot in the background. but if you close your eyes (or just avert them) it's a really pleasent R&B piece that I think could be long lasting. Maybe they should take a more casual music video approach liks my one of my dorky all time favorites in K-pop R&B, Solid aka Korean version of Boyz II Men

And just for fun

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Genre? "Indie" K-Rock

So I noticed on the Charts there is this band that claims to be "indie Rock" that is sort of funny for Korea. I remember when "techno" used to be a new Genre in Korea and E.O.S. was the epitome of it with this song.

Then there was Pi Pi Band who brought Rock mainstream and a little indie but totally different then Kim Jeong Seo and Seotaiji. I'd like to say Pi Pi Band was my first "Indie" Korean band. They came out in 1995. I remember controvesy over them, the weird girl and her short dyed hair rocking it out with a megaphone. If I remember correctly she was also the daughter of some diplomate or government official at the time.

Followed by Ju Ju Club in 1996

Well here is that new group anyways not so impressive In my opinion. To me they fit into a more "Rock Ballad" Category instead of "indie" Maybe they don't listen to know american indie rock to really understand it.